What We Do

We can do everything except jeans and underwear. If you’re unsure about what you want, we can take on the design of your collection together with our design department. However, this requires time, and you need to start six months before the season you want to present.

If you know what you want, things are easier.

We handle embroideries, puffy alpine embroideries, patches, prints, puffy prints, digital DTF & DTG, tie-dye treatments, vintage shades, as well as sublimation on polyester fabrics. We literally do it all.

But first, we would like an electronic presentation of your idea at

I would be delighted to meet you and help solve your problems, if possible. ✌️


The 3 Principles

When taking on your productions, we follow three principles: 1. Consistency 2. Integrity 3. Understanding

1. Consistency: The biggest issue customers face in the industry is delivery times. If you have experienced it yourself, you understand what I’m talking about. We strive to be consistent with our timelines, which means that sometimes we will say “no” when something is not feasible to protect both you and ourselves.

2. Integrity: It is important for me what many have forgotten… keeping my word. When we commit to something, we will do whatever it takes to fulfill it. We will go the extra mile.

3. Understanding: I know how challenging it is to start a new small brand because I started with money I didn’t have. That’s why I show understanding and accept small quantities, even as low as 50 units that may vary in sizes, while larger manufacturers have minimum quantities of 200-300 identical garments.